Migrating to NEW Venom Powered SSD with high Speed => DONE

  • May 23, 2020 by George Kwaw


As we informed you previously we began migrating all accounts to a new server.

Yours have just been moved to a new server.

The migration is seamless without any downtime and without any changes in your server configuration but diffenet  IP address.

No changes are required on your end, please check the sites and your emails  let us know if anything at all is amiss.

((--> Note: if you worked on your website or sent email on 21st and 2nd let us know off. <--- }}

We will keep the accounts on the old server for 7 days before terminating them.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us 0248100617 at your convenience.

P.S. Your login details are the some.
We love you all and God bless you for your time.

Best Regards

George Kaku Kwaw