Follow up on DA71 Server Migration Issues - Resolved

  • December 6, 2022 by George Kwaw

Dear Customer,

The server migration for DA71 had been completed 2 days ago. However, shortly after investigating the migration we found that many of the databases that had come over were corrupted. We began trying to repair those databases as the tickets would come in for customers. As the ticket queue continued to grow with these issues, we found that there were far too many issues for us to be able to repair 1 by 1 and that the employee in charge of importing databases did so incorrectly. This morning about at 9am eastern standard time, I authorized the shutdown of the entire database server so that the entire database system could be repaired as almost all of the databases were corrupted and leaving the database server online while doing this would cause more damage. This process took numerous hours to complete and is coming close to completion

We have performed many upgrades over the last 10 years but none have gone as wrong as this one with so much downtime/instability. I apologize on behalf of our staff and myself for the issues that occurred with this migration. The purpose of this migration was to upgrade all of our customers so that the server would be in line with our latest line of servers and deployments that offer stronger CPU's, faster RAM, faster drives, and more redundancy. What we didn't anticipate was the old server running into the issues that it had, causing the delays and the database migration issues that we faced. Some could say the upgrade was timely, but the instability was unacceptable. This will not ever happen again here, and said associate has been sent for retraining as well as put on a probationary period that will commence upon return of retraining. 

I apologize again for these issues and assure you that the new server will more than make up for the issues as of late. We have had this server online for a long time and issues were non existent until this past week. We are confident that the service related to this server is back on track and that the issues are now resoled completely. Thank you to those who expressed patience and understanding during these very difficult times while we worked around the clock manually fixing these databases and focusing solely on getting this server up. Thank you also to those who reached out with words of encouragement as the entire staff worked to resolve this issue. We appreciate that greatly,

OGD Support Team