Important Notice - Server Migration / Upgrade Scheduled

  • June 29, 2022 by George Kwaw

Dear OGD Web Host Customer,

We will be replacing the server you are currently on with one of our new lines of servers here on Friday, July 1. We are decommissioning the older servers and replacing them with our newer hardware. The new server boasts a much more powerful CPU, Faster RAM, and a redundant NVMe drive setup that is in line with our newer server deployments. Some important notes that we will lay out here in hopes of answering any questions you may have has been listed here:

1) Your price will not increase. This has nothing to do with costs. OGD Web Host has always prided itself on staying ahead of the curve, and with the change of technology we need to make sure we are delivering fast and reliable services

2) There will be very minimal downtime. We will migrate all of the accounts over ourselves to the new machine. When the migration has been completed, this is where the downtime will occur and last about 5 minutes while we swap the IPs out and activate the new server while powering down the old one. The exact time this will occur unfortunately is unknown since it depends on when the migration is done.

3) Your data will be kept safe during the entire process.

4) You will not need to do anything on your end. We will take care of this entire process from start to finish, there will be no nameserver or IP changes or anything else that would require your input

Thank you for being a part of The OGD Web Host Experience, we thank you for being a part of our team.